Stop smoking

Free Lung Age Test For Smokers At Barclays Bank Streatham For No Smoking Day

Did you know there is a lung test that can tell smokers how smoking has aged their lungs and made them prone to chronic lung diseases?  I'll be offering smokers free lung age tests at my latest Pop-up shop at Streatham Barclays Bank this Wednesday, March 11, which happens to be No Smoking Day and is being marked throughout the United Kingdom.

Is Ramadan Your Perfect Opportunity To Stop Smoking?

Is Ramadan your perfect opportunity to stop smoking for good, and feel good about it?  Not just during Ramadan?  A week into Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, (which this year started on the 28th of June, 2014), is observed by millions of Muslims (also known as Moslems) around the world. It is a time for purifying the body and the mind, during which observant Muslims fast and abstain from worldly pleasures.