How To Stop Our Brains From Making Us Ill - Relieving PTSD With Havening

Where does one start when considering the link between PTSD,  trauma and pain?  This will be the focus of my workshop during the Streatham Little Big Peace Relaxation Day.  I believe that combining hypnosis therapy, counselling and Havening can set us on a rapid path to recovery of what has been lost throgh PTSD.

The History of Revenge Porn

Revenge porn results when sexually explicit media contents such as pictures or videos of a person are shared in a public forum like magazines or more popularly and more recently, websites and blogs in the realm of social media.

The sensitive material is usually published without the consent of the individual involved.  Or shall we say, the victim. These images range from photos or video footage of intimate sexual acts intended for private consumption between participants and never intended for the public.

Havening Techniques Is a New Way of Healing Therapy For The Mind and Body

Havening Techniques is being heralded as a new way of healing and was introduced to the United Kingdom in May 2013.  This innovative approach to healing is the brain child of Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD, who has spent the last decade developing it in collaboration with his twin brother, Steven Ruden, DDS.