Rowena Naidu

I had a severe phobia of needles for as long as I could remember and up to the age of 35 I had avoided ever having a blood test. But my partner and I wanted to start a family and were having difficulty conceiving so I needed to have a series of blood tests to get to the bottom of our fertility issues. I knew I couldn't do it without help so I researched hypnotists and spoke to Jimi over the phone to learn more about what hypnotherapy to combat my needle phobia would involve.
I don't know what I was expecting, probably a bit of magic that would reverse my phobia. There was no magic, but after just one session with Jimi, the next morning I got up and walked to the surgery voluntarily and queued up and had my blood taken for the first time. There's no way I could even have walked into the surgery before my hypnotherapy with Jimi let alone allow someone to take my blood. And it wasn't anywhere near as frightening as I thought it would be!
The results from my tests came back identifying two health issues that were serious enough to prevent me and partner from conceiving. Without the blood tests we wouldn't have known. I've now started treatment to improve my own health and importantly this treatment will mean we can start the family we so wanted. I'm amazed after 35 years of being so phobic that needles are no longer an issue in my life. It's a liberating feeling. And just as well as I'll be needing frequent blood tests for the foreseeable future!

Rowena Naidu, London, January 10, 2014