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Is a fear of flying a no-brainer concern after so many recent air plane crashes?  Before Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, one in five people in the United Kingdom were thought to suffer from a fear of flying, which is also known as aviophobia.  It’s a pretty firm guess that this figure has risen... Read more

The Fear of Public Speaking is also known as Glossophobia.

The comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, once quipped that people's number one fear is public speaking.

Number two is death.

Which means the average person at a funeral would rather be in the coffin, than delivering the eulogy... Read more

Is Ramadan your perfect opportunity to stop smoking for good, and feel good about it?  Not just during Ramadan?  A week into Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, (which this year started on the 28th of June, 2014), is observed by millions of Muslims (also known as Moslems) around... Read more

The sale of so-called anonymous patients' data and NHS hospital closures are the topics for discussion on the next installment of my radio show, Get Healthy, on Croydon Radio.  Change is supposed to be embraced.  But some changes can present more challenges than solutions, as is the assertion of... Read more

It’s the season of Summer Fetes and Table Top Sales.  I’d no idea they were such fun.  I should probably get out more, like I did yesterday,  when I joined just over a dozen exhibitors consisting of local beauticians, therapists and fitness coaches  promoting their products... Read more

When I decided to launch my Hypnotherapy Results practice in Streatham Hill, South London, it was for one primary reason: I knew first-hand that hypnotherapy works. It worked for me—helping me go from a dress size 20 to a size 14, simply by changing my attitude towards my eating and drinking... Read more

I visited Jimi a couple to weeks ago to see if she could help me with an aspect of my job that I found difficult.

She greeted me with that warmth and friendliness that we associate with Jimi.

After a cup of tea and a long chat, I explained my situation and she listened carefully,... Read more

I had a severe phobia of needles for as long as I could remember and up to the age of 35 I had avoided ever having a blood test. But my partner and I wanted to start a family and were having difficulty conceiving so I needed to have a series of blood tests to get to the bottom of our fertility... Read more

I am so delighted to have met Jimi at an Athena networking meeting where we got chatting about the benefits of hypnotherapy. Since being a small child - I have never slept through the night. I frequently woke myself by sleep walking and constant talking so was therefore exhausted every morning... Read more