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The next broadcast of my Get Healthy show on Croydon radio is going to feel like Girl Power convention with an all female cast touching on subjects as far reaching as healthy vision, weight... Read more

Why, you may ask, would you be getting a free weight loss consultation plan at a bank, of all places?

It's because I’m hosting my next Hypnosis Pop-up shop at Barclays Bank, Streatham High Road, on Saturday January 3rd, 2015.  This is part of a scheme by Barclays... Read more

I went to see Jimi because I had concerns about my weight.  Jimi and I talked through my options and I opted to have a virtual gastric band, known by some as the hypnotic gastric band.

I had 4 sessions of hypnotism for this and it was totally painless, in fact I don't know what happened... Read more

I am Angela Lyon a Chartered Surveyor who has been in the construction business all my working life. I have always worked for myself in many of the business sectors in and around London.

I joined a new Business Network Internatinal group in Streatham and heard one particular 60 seconds... Read more

I have bitten and picked my finger nails all my life, to the point where they would bleed.  Over the years I've tried everything to stop this habit, but to no avail.

I then spoke to Jimi about it and she asked me to pop round.

After a bottle of her finest water, and general chit... Read more

There are times where running a business alone can create a tremendous amount of pressure on oneself, and sometimes we just need to take a step back and review everything including our mindset and attitude.  But as I have always been so focused minded about the business itself, I can feel a... Read more

Today I met a lady who admitted to what some may consider a strange phobia.  A fear of grass.  It even has a name:  Hastenburaphobia.

My first question to her was “How does the fear of grass affect you on a day to day basis?”  A big part of having a phobia is the... Read more

This weekend, I’ll be presenting on Procrastination at the Inspiring Women in Business Seminar & Expo in Beckton, East London, on Saturday September 6, organised by the Chosen Women Outreach.  

This year’s theme is Thriving In Business and my talk is entitled:  Three Toxic Ingredients... Read more

I received this thank you today: "Hello Jimi I met you aprox 2 week s ago at the fete in All Nations Church Clapham.  YOU were kind enough to show me havening technique for me and my baby.  Just want to say thank you so much it has been a godsend bedtime is 50 percent  less... Read more

A new BNI chapter is opening in Vauxhall, South London and we have openings for the following: Solicitor, Buildings Surveyor, Building Contractor, Caterer, Events Planner, Business Coach, Interior Designer, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Property Manager, Removals Business,... Read more