Jonathan Kemp

I visited Jimi a couple to weeks ago to see if she could help me with an aspect of my job that I found difficult.

She greeted me with that warmth and friendliness that we associate with Jimi.

After a cup of tea and a long chat, I explained my situation and she listened carefully, asking questions until she fully understood. All the time her calming and understanding manner shone through.

Jimi considered the treatment options available, of which there seemed to be a few. (Just goes to show the complexity of her profession!)

I have no idea how long the treatment lasted although she told me she didn't hypnotise me.

The result was immediate. It almost felt like a self-realisation. The original mindset I had held as a problem simply disappeared and was turned around into something positive.

Jimi is very talented and professional.

Off the back of using her service, Jimi is firmly on my referral radar.

I look forward to recommending her with confidence whenever I see the opportunity.

Jonathan Kemp, The Utility Warehouse Discount Club Authorised Distributor - May 1, 2014