Catherine Ko - Power of Unleashing The Mind

There are times where running a business alone can create a tremendous amount of pressure on oneself, and sometimes we just need to take a step back and review everything including our mindset and attitude.  But as I have always been so focused minded about the business itself, I can feel a little lost and become distant when it comes to seeing things from a different perspective.  

So I sought the help of Jimi Sayo, who proved to be a very good listener and we spent a long time talking through my concerns, which was like holding up a mirror and identify what was the underlying issue that seemed to be holding me back.  

Throughout the session, Jimi tapped into my subconscious and the moment felt like a dream.  As I woke up, my inner-self opened and life felt absolutely ecstatic.  Now I am able to make clearer and more focused decisions about my life and business, and socially I feel even more connected with people around me again - it's almost like as if I was born again!

So thank you Jimi!