Events at which Jimi Sayo participates.

How To Stop Our Brains From Making Us Ill - Relieving PTSD With Havening

Where does one start when considering the link between PTSD,  trauma and pain?  This will be the focus of my workshop during the Streatham Little Big Peace Relaxation Day.  I believe that combining hypnosis therapy, counselling and Havening can set us on a rapid path to recovery of what has been lost throgh PTSD.

Detoxing Procrastination at The Chosen Women's Business Event

This weekend, I’ll be presenting on Procrastination at the Inspiring Women in Business Seminar & Expo in Beckton, East London, on Saturday September 6, organised by the Chosen Women Outreach.  

This year’s theme is Thriving In Business and my talk is entitled:  Three Toxic Ingredients For Procrastination That Choke Small Business Owners - And Simple Techniques To Detox Your Mind To Wealth.

Chosen Women Outreach is a global social welfare charity who support and empower disadvantaged women and children, transforming their lives for the better.