How To Stop Our Brains From Making Us Ill - Relieving PTSD With Havening

Where does one start when considering the link between PTSD,  trauma and pain?  This will be the focus of my workshop during the Streatham Little Big Peace Relaxation Day.  I believe that combining hypnosis therapy, counselling and Havening can set us on a rapid path to recovery of what has been lost throgh PTSD.

Hypnotherapy Testimonial For Overcoming Interview Nerves

Going for an interview is very much like an exam.  No matter how knowledgeable you are about your industry, performance and delivery are what you get judged on, as much as your knowledge of the subject matter.  The prospective employer expects you to sell yourself and your abilities.  This does not always seem fair and for a variety of reasons, many people find this daunting and flunk one interview after the other.

Can A Hypnotist Make You Do Things Against Your Will?

More often than not, after introducing myself as a hypnotherapist, one of the first things I'm asked is, can a hypnotist hypnotize a person to do something against their will?

My answer often shocks.  Regrettably, the answer is yes, if the hypnotist is either down-right unethical, or just thinks they know what you need better than you do.  In other words, unethical.  Yes, an unethical hypnotist can make a person do things against their will.

How To Overcome Your Fear of Driving Test Failure With a Hypnotherapist

The old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – does not ring true for many drivers who've failed their driving test multiple times.  Peter Kay, the star of Car Share TV comedy, had 176 lessons over a period of 6 years and failed his driving test 4 times.  For hundreds more, the number of failed driving attempts goes into the tens. 

Treatment for Panic Attacks During Train Delays

Have you found yourself stuck on a train lately, or trapped for what seemed to be hours on the underground?

When I’m stuck on a train, it’s a minor point of irritation for me.  If I’ve got a book or magazine to read, and the privilege, during rush hour on a crowded train of a seat, then I’ll engross myself in that.  Perhaps phone ahead if I’m being delayed for a meeting.

But then, I’m lucky that I’m not one of the many that suffer panic attacks when stuck on a train.