Bill Bailey - Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Testimonial

I went to see Jimi because I had concerns about my weight.  Jimi and I talked through my options and I opted to have a virtual gastric band, known by some as the hypnotic gastric band.

I had 4 sessions of hypnotism for this and it was totally painless, in fact I don't know what happened, but I do know what the results are.

I have shed nearly 3 stone in weight and I am now in the position that I can return to the gym after having a really bad back problem for the last few years, mainly due to being overweight.

Not only have I shed weight from my body, I have shed a lot of emotional baggage that I have been carrying from my childhood, I contribute this to Jimi, I have had counseling in the past but it has made no difference, but thanks to Jimi my life is totally different.

I am more confident in myself and this has come through not just in my personal life, but my business is seeing the rewards from it as well.

So from the bottom of my heart

Thank you JIMI

Bill Bailey