Bill Bailey - Nail Biting

I have bitten and picked my finger nails all my life, to the point where they would bleed.  Over the years I've tried everything to stop this habit, but to no avail.

I then spoke to Jimi about it and she asked me to pop round.

After a bottle of her finest water, and general chit chat she asked when did I start this habit. I couldn't answer this because as far as I'm aware, it started when I was a child.

She then put me under her magical spell; the next thing I know I am awake and cured.

I say cured, because although it is only just over a week, I have not put my fingers near my mouth and although I have put my hands together to pick my nails, like a repelling magnet they immediate come away.

Thank you Jimi, not only have you stopped this habit, but it has given me more self confidence and I don't have to hide my hands from anyone.