Angela Lyon - Nail Biting and Finger Cracking of Teenage Son

I am Angela Lyon a Chartered Surveyor who has been in the construction business all my working life. I have always worked for myself in many of the business sectors in and around London.

I joined a new Business Network Internatinal group in Streatham and heard one particular 60 seconds presentation from Jimi Sayo a hypnotherapist in Streatham Hill.

She mentioned that she could help people in a short space of time stop certain habits. I sent my 16 year old son to Jimi as he was clicking and biting his fingers.

Afterwards, he could not believe he had spent 90 mins with Jimi and thought it was only half an hour. So far the habit went over night.

Brilliant, I would recommend Jimi Sayo to anybody who has indicated to me that they or their family members need some help.

Angela Lyon, BSc, MSc Proj Mang.