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May 15, 2017
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Why, you may ask, would you be getting a free weight loss consultation plan at a bank, of all places?

It’s because I’m hosting my next Hypnosis Pop-up shop at Barclays Bank, Streatham High Road, on Saturday January 3rd, 2015.  This is part of a scheme by Barclays Bank to support local Small Businesses by providing space for a pop-up shop. 

What’s a pop-up shop, I hear you ask?  Pop-up shops are temporary stores at a designated venue,  to attract interest with something exclusive, surprising and exciting, while the brand gets exposure to create an impact and communicate something specific to a large audience.

So, according to this definition of a pop-up shop that I found on the Internet, my designated venue is Streatham High Road and exclusive, surprising and exciting would be the exclusive complimentary weight loss consultations I’ll be providing at the desk.

It’s exclusive because I ask you about you and we design a weight control strategy that will fit you … and no one else.  Not even your best friend would have the same reasons as you for piling on the pounds over the last few years.

It’s surprising because it inspires you with hope and something to look forward to.  A slimmer, fitter you, which is great news if you are one of the 29% of Brits predicted by a Travel Supermarket survey to be spending £1,200 on a beach holiday in 2015.

And it’s exciting to plan ahead for all those clothes that you currently couldn’t even dream of fitting into, but which, as the weeks roll into months, and the excess fat melts away, you’ll easily slip into.  It’s time for you to rock that new ward-robe!

If another New Year has rolled around and you’re getting ready for the same old, same old of a New Year Resolution that would have fizzled out by February, just as it has every year, for more years than you care to remember, then a weight loss game plan is what is missing.

Do something daring for the January sales – put your money where your confidence in your ability to shed weight is – buy every outfit you see and like in your target dress size.  If you really believe that you can shift that excess weight, then why buy clothes in a size that will be too baggy for you when you start to melt away 2lbs a week with a new mind-set?

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