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May 15, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Is a fear of flying a no-brainer concern after so many recent air plane crashes?  Before Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, one in five people in the United Kingdom were thought to suffer from a fear of flying, which is also known as aviophobia.  It’s a pretty firm guess that this figure has risen as more seek help with this fear with hypnosis or hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

The timing for the most recent air crash, and the frequency of between all recent events is unfortunate.  Who would have thought that just as holiday season officially starts, a catalogue of events would raise the fear of flying to the highest levels known for a while.

And who would believe that last year, 2013, was officially the safest year to travel by plane.  But lately it seems that if planes aren’t simply disappearing off the radar en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpar; or being shot down by guerrilla snipers over the Ukrainian/Russian border airspace;  then bad weather is getting blamed in the rumour mill over the most recent Algerian plane which lost contact with air traffic control before crashing near Burkina Faso in Africa.

The beginning of this Century, probably marked the watershed of a period of relative global stability.  Things have never been the same again since September 11 and there’s an unconscious awareness that we are now living in an incredibly unstable world.

Yet, statistically, plane crashes are extremely rare, considering the hundreds of flights that take off and land without drama every day.  What we are experiencing now is simply a cluster of global coincidences.   Flying is still safer than being a passenger in a car, whether on a quick school-run or heading down the motorway.  There is no greater risk in boarding a plane today, than there was this time last year.

Through fear of flying, people pass up on career opportunities, holidays, job promotions, family re-unions and even wedding invitations.

Many more cope by medicating themselves dangerously with drugs, alcohol or sedatives.  Some spend hours travelling by alternative means.

Media coverage of the bodies being repatriated into the Netherlands from the Ukraine is the kind of visual that can stay in the minds of nervous flyers, and that I, as a Hypnotherapist providing therapy for the fear of flying or flying phobia, can treat in people who are scared of flying.

If you would like to be a non-nervous and confident flyer and cure your fear of flying, do contact me now.  I offer advanced therapy to treat the fear of flying.  Just think, one session is all it could take to have you focus your mind on the good things that can happen instead.  Like the millions of people that travel by plane safely every day.

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