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Jimi Sayo explains how the hypnotic gastric band, also known as the virtual gastric band, works.

Hypnosis has been used for centuries to influence the mind and body to achieve things that conscious effort may over-look. The hypnotic approach to gastric band adjustments to control one’s food intake is an amazing example where you are hypnotized into a painless and relaxing stomach tightening procedure minus using the subconscious mind.  The concept of the hypno-band approach to weight control and weight loss, especially for obese and dangerously overweight is sheer genius.  It could literally be a lunch-time procedure!

If you haven’t seen the substantial news coverage, a person who needs to gain control over their weight takes part in a session of hypnosis that takes them through the motions of the experience of the virtual gastric band procedure.  The client feels as if they are under-going the procedure and feels the after effect of a stomach that can no longer handle the amounts of food previously eateVirtual Gastric Band -Sheila Granger Trainingn.


Yet, the hypnotic gastric band technique is more than just making your stomach feel smaller so you can shed the pounds and adjust your waist line.  I am offering you a brand new mind and way of thinking as the ultimate accessory to the new look you that will start emerging as the surplus inches disappear.

To tackle the issues that led to the over-eating and often lack of exercise, we’ll deal with your own personal and realistic goal setting and achievement, confidence boosting, craving busting, shifting emotional stumbling blocks, and working on your motivation.  I’ll help you to install a positive mental attitude and teach you self-hypnosis techniques that you can practice on your own.  You’ll also have a suggested nutritional guide, and some take home CD’s to reinforce the progress you make during sessions. You’ll go to bed at night and dream of exercise, then wake up and really want to do it for real. (There are instances of clients who actually work up a sweat and burn calories as they exercise in their sleep!)

These are the things that the surgical gastric band procedure doesn’t cover. And this is why you can look forward to your gastric band hypnosis procedure being a life-long success.

Are you ready for that change?  Then get in touch using the contact form here  for an initial four sessions, including the actual hypnotic gastric band installation and adjustments if necessary.

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