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May 15, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Have you found yourself stuck on a train lately, or trapped for what seemed to be hours on the underground?

When I’m stuck on a train, it’s a minor point of irritation for me.  If I’ve got a book or magazine to read, and the privilege, during rush hour on a crowded train of a seat, then I’ll engross myself in that.  Perhaps phone ahead if I’m being delayed for a meeting.

But then, I’m lucky that I’m not one of the many that suffer panic attacks when stuck on a train.

Today in London, there were lots of train delays.  Which may or may not have been connected to an incident at a station in Deptford.  There’s always the knock on effect. And sadly, the train companies aren’t always the best at informing trapped passengers what is happening, how long it will last, and what options there are, if such exist.

Why do otherwise logical people turn into a hyperventilating ball of nerves when stuck on a train.  In my experience as a hypnotherapist, this may be to do with an early memory, as far back as childhood, of an experience of being stuck and not in control of a situation.  Of being fearful for one’s safety and uncertain about what would happen next.  Which is what makes the lack of information during a stuck crowded train even more antagonising.

Cue the mind; the power of vivid imagination that starts to imagine all sorts, including the future that may never happen.  Just like that younger version of us might have reasoned during the original incident that laid the foundation or future predisposition towards anxiety.  Before long there are panic attacks, anxiety episodes, and palpitations amongst passengers.  Which can spread like mass hysteria.

We can’t control delays on the trains.  If only I could hypnotise trains to never get stuck!  We can’t ensure that we’ll never be stuck on a tube on the underground; or have to walk down a dark tunnel in shoes not designed for walking down dark tunnels, on train tracks that look like the ones we are warned carry live currents that can electrocute us.

Yeah, that’s the mind running away with itself.   But I can help you keep your mind in control during emergencies.  When you are able to stay calm, and not have a panic attack, then you can congratulate yourself on your new found resilience.  Hypnotherapy and NLP are quick and effective ways of curing panic attacks.  We’ll work together using techniques that work for you.  And I’ll give you the skills to know what to do to quickly reclaim a sense of calm and acceptance.

Book a session with me in Streatham to overcome a tendency to panic in claustrophobic situations, before the next unplanned train or underground delay.  Stay, calm, cool and collected and the only thing you’ll have to ponder is whether there’s enough charge on your mobile phone battery for the unscheduled delay!

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