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May 15, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Today I met a lady who admitted to what some may consider a strange phobia.  A fear of grass.  It even has a name:  Hastenburaphobia.

My first question to her was “How does the fear of grass affect you on a day to day basis?”  A big part of having a phobia is the avoidance patterns of behaviour a person with a phobia becomes good at.

So, in this lady’s case, she won’t walk down a path with grass on either side.  And she’ll take the Israelites Journey to do a detour and avoid stepping on grass.  A picnic in the park is also out of the question.

Insensitive friends, over the years, have thought it amusing to “playfully” push her onto grass, or drop a blade of grass in her unsuspecting palm, then be remorseful when they see her deteriorate into hysterics.

She’s lucky.  As a self-employed fashion designer, for the most part, she has a lot of choice in avoiding grassy encounters both at work and play.  But supposing your job, your way of earning a living, means you’ve no choice but to deal with that phobia?

This is the situation faced by US Women’s Open Golf professional, Samantha Gotcher.  Samantha has a fear of grass, the surface of choice for golf tournaments.

For Samantha Gotcher, a chance comment during a biology class in College about a disease spreading worm that inhabits grass is where she traces the roots of her fear of grass.  But from my experience in dealing with phobias, I would suggest that the initial traumatic event that led to this began much

Does curing either of these women of their phobia mean that they’re suddenly going to be rolling around in mushy grass?  No.  Grass may never become their first love. But neither will it continue to be the hidden menace, waiting to leap out on them when they least expect it.

And are you getting a sense that if you have a rather unusual phobia, then you may not be alone?

For an update on the lady here in London that has a fear of grass, watch this space.   She also has a sister with a similar phobia of grass.  It is not uncommon for a phobia to be shared by family members or passed down through generations.  There is a degree of learned behaviour in this.

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