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    This is a recommendation for the Hypnotherapy services of Jimi Sayo who is based in Streatham Hill.

    With no previous experience of Hypnotherapy, I did not know what to expect. Jimi made me feel comfortable and reassured. Her ability as a therapist was proven in the way she was able to address and uncover some of my own issues. Moreover, Ms Sayo also provided the emotional space and opportunity to explore anything that came up for me during my session.

    Due to Jimi’s work, I have been able to capitalize on many strengths that have been uncovered by this process. Jimi Sayo’s expertise in being able to advise and help examine this experience has been invaluable. Although Jimi’s therapeutic practice is able to address many problematic and challenging behaviors, her work has also helped me discover more about myself and purpose. In regards to Ms Sayo’s professional and ethical conduct, she displays the highest level of sensitivity and integrity. I have been very comfortable with her practice and also invest both my trust and confidence in her abilities. The results I have received from her work have been very positive and constructive.

    I would  recommend Jimi to anyone who has a personal struggle or would like to learn more about their own complexity and depth. Jimi Sayo offers the freedom to explore and in my case achieve a stronger sense of direction. I now have the satisfaction of creating a higher degree of meaning within my life, understanding my motivations and purpose with greater appreciation.

    Yours Sincerely,


    Bartlomiej Cwiakala
    Managing Director of Pristine Finish