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A new BNI chapter is opening in Vauxhall, South London and we have openings for the following: Solicitor, Buildings Surveyor, Building Contractor, Caterer, Events Planner, Business Coach, Interior Designer, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Property Manager, Removals Business, Landscape Gardener, Tree Surgeon, Virtual Personal Assistant, Book-keeper,  Plumber, Heating Engineer, Roofer, and Specialist Floor Cleaner Cleaner.

My role in this new chapter will be as Consultant Director to steer the new group in the right direction for collective and individual business growth.  We meet for Breakfast once a week as a Breakfast Club.  BNI stands for Busines Network International (in case you were wondering)!

Each BNI chapter allows one person per professional category.  The decision to join is a question of timing and so you are encouraged to make your mind up as soon as possible when you discover an available seat, rather than see the opportunity falling into the hands of your competitor.

Within each Chapter, a group of professions club together as a power team, where they can cross refer business to harness the strength of their skills, experience and contacts to get projects done with more professionalism and at better value for the end customer.  Members learn about each other’s professions, and are able to recommend each other with confidence. Doors can open for you by way of personal introductions that you couldn’t have achieved except by sheer luck.

BNI is ideal for small business owners and sales professionals who want a less time and cost intensive marketing tool.  BNI offers targetted training and workshops with one thing in mind: member success through tried and tested referral marketing approaches.  As a BNI member, you’ll learn to effectively present your business in a way that captures the imagination of whoever you are talking to, and have your fellow chapter members doing the same for you – your own personal sales team working for you every day, motivated by the BNI philosophy of Givers Gain. You focus on finding others new business, as they will then be more disposed to find business for you.

If your business can benefit from referrals to new customers, connections to new suppliers, and continuous advice and support, then BNI is the network for you. As a member of BNI, I can personally attest personally to the value of the structured weekly meetings, streamlined to make businesses flow better.  Hence my excitement when I was asked to start a new BNI Chapter.

If you know anyone in any of the above positions, who is ready to see their business grow exponentially, then please ask them to contact me, Jimi Sayo, so I can invite them to a Vauxhal BNI chapter meeting.  Or the most conveniently located alternative chapter to you.

The new BNI Vauxhall chapter will meet every Thursday morning at 6.45 am.  The first meeting will be on August 28th, 2014.  BNI has been growing from strength to strength since it started in

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