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May 15, 2017
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May 16, 2017
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From hypnotherapy sceptic to hypnotherapy champion, this is the moment a client rang the Vanessa Feltz BBC London Radio show to share how hypnotherapy helped him overcome 45 years of depression and chronic anxiety.

It was humbling to hear him tell London’s most popular morning radio show how his life is different now.  From rattling with pills that didn’t work, to being able to get out of bed with hope, his testimonial stood out as an example of where, when it comes to Mental Health, the patient sometimes needs to take matters into their own hands and find effective help.

By contrast, my client’s wife was diagnosed with cancer last year and the response by the NHS was instant.  A broken arm wouldn’t be put on a 12 week waiting list, he remarked to Vanessa.  But the waiting list for CBT on the NHS (cognitive behaviour therapy) can be as long as 12 weeks, and at best, a patient might get 6 sessions.  Which may not be enough.

Martin and I met by chance at a business networking event.  Like hundreds of thousands of men, his jovial façade concealed the black dog he’d lived with for over 4 decades.

He’d exhausted all other avenues provided by his GP, so bumping into a Hypnotherapist who thought she could help with depression and anxiety was a step of faith.  He came in expecting nothing to very little would change. He had tried counselling, psychiatrists, you name it.  Except for hypnosis.

This morning, a year later, he made this emotional phone call to the Vanessa Feltz BBC London Radio show to share his story of recovery from depression and anxiety.

Today, he can get out of bed in the morning.  He no longer takes the pills for depression (with his doctor’s blessing).  Listen to him sharing his experience with the mental health system and with hypnotherapy.


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