Irritable Bowel Syndrome (also known as IBS) is a health problem affecting a significant percentage of Western Societies. Research has shown that hypnotherapy proves an effective approach to IBS treatment.

In the United Kingdom, this is mainly in the form of “gut-directed hypnotherapy” which is aimed specifically at gut activity.

In addition, hypnotherapy can be used to address a host of psychological, emotional and quality-of-life issues typically associated with this condition.

Hypnotherapy helps the client to achieve physical and mental relaxation.  Self hypnosis is taught to the client, as well as hypnotherapy for control of the most common IBS symptoms (discomfort, diarrhoea, constipation).  Quality of life can be greatly improved when IBS is dealt with, in the areas of sleep, confidence, body image, anxiety and stress.

I also help clients to design positive goals and initiate change in their lives.

It is important that clients considering hypnotherapy for IBS have an official diagnosis that their condition is IBS.  This is important because there are a few serious conditions with symptons similar to IBS, which must be ruled out, so proper treatments can be employed.