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Where does one start when considering the link between PTSD,  trauma and pain?  This will be the focus of my workshop during the Streatham Little Big Peace Relaxation Day.  I believe that combining hypnosis therapy, counselling and Havening can set us on a rapid path to recovery of what has been lost throgh PTSD.

What difference would it make to your quality of life if you discovered that a traumatic incident or memory from your past, or even an ancestor’s past, was behind years of suffering with an auto-immune, cardio-vascular or chronic pain condition?   A recent study has show the link between experiencing racism and developing conditions like cardio-vascular conditions and Type 2 Diabetes.  Former soldiers were found in a study to have hippocampal shrinkage (a smaller hippocampus).  PTSD Transmission from Holocaust victims to future generations has also been studied so the effects of PTSD can be transferred to offspring

Yesterday, on the This Morning Show, a suspected Yorkshire Ripper survivor, Mo Lea,  shared how, 30 years on from her attack, she could not bare to go to sleep sober and so drank herself drunk to be able to fall asleep.  But we all know that using alcohol as a crutch has a knock on effect on health.  Which is part of the problem with how we are affected by trauma we’ve experienced or witnessed.

For 30 years, her limbic system had been on high alert, keeping her in a state of hyper-vigilance, adrenalin rushes, etc, to avoid a repeat of the trauma.  The chemical and hormonal processes triggered at a neurological level will also have been flooding her physiology with life limiting consequences.

Fortunately, she saw the Speakmans and her negative reliving of that one night is now a thing of the past.  I imagine she’s sleeping like a lamb now and her body is benefiting from the break from relentless insobriety coupled with a good night’s sleep.

As a result, her liver stands a chance; her metabolism can return to a healthy routine; and her body can heal and recover during rest as it is supposed to.  And there are so many things she’ll be able to do, socially and emotionally, that she’s shunned for the last 3 decades.

I also suspect that she’ll find she’s able to remember positive memories from before the events.  This is something I find with my clients who are astonished at the flood of recollections and details of happier times that had been submerged by one negative event.  Good therapy isn’t just about forgetting the bad but reconnecting with the good that we’d forgotten ever happened.

Are you also unable to go to bed sober because you can’t face your demons?  Are there other unhealthy ways that you numb your mind from replaying a bad memory from the past?

Then it’s time that you discovered Havening.

Havening (also known as Amygdala Depotentiation Therapy ADT) is a remarkable way to move on swiftly after a traumatic events. It combines the power of touch to release Serotonins in the system, combined with a distraction technique that melts away the bad memories like Cillit Bang melting grease into oblivious.  And it doesn’t require months or years of visits either.

I’ll teach my workshop participants about the link between trauma and illness, the psychosensory link between decoding the negativity of memories from the brain, and demonstrate on willing volunteers with a burden they’d like to shift (even if they want to keep that burden secret – confidentiality is respected).  I’ll teach how to self haven as well so participants – from children to grannies – can take the gift of Havening home with them.

Learn more about freedom from negative memories to boost your health at my interactive workshop tomorrow, September 19 at 12 noon.  It is one of several workshops, events and activities at Streatham’s annual Relaxation Day of the Little Big Peace week long celebrations.  I’ll be one of several health and wellness practitioners linking peace of mind with health of body all day tomorrow.  All events are free.

Visit us at Gracefield Gardens Centre, Gracefield Gardens, Streatham, London, SW16 2ST.  The location is equi-distant between Streatham Hill and Streatham stations.

Details of other practitioners can be found at:

Little Big Peace is run by Mel Larsen with a string of dedicated volunteers and coincides with the international Peace One Day event.

A couple of years ago, I interviewed Mel and other Little Big Peace participant on Croydon Radio. You can listen to the podcast of the show here:

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