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May 15, 2017
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The old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” – does not ring true for many drivers who’ve failed their driving test multiple times.  Peter Kay, the star of Car Share TV comedy, had 176 lessons over a period of 6 years and failed his driving test 4 times.  For hundreds more, the number of failed driving attempts goes into the tens.

I only had to take my driving test twice.  This was way back in the 90’s.  He was a lovely examiner and I’ve always said since, I couldn’t have been failed by a nicer guy.  The second test was with a sour faced driving test examiner that I didn’t bond with at all.  I remember climbing out of the car, convinced I’d failed. He hadn’t cracked a smile the whole time we were together.

To my astonishment, he told me (in a begrudging way) that I’d passed!   I remember babbling away to my driving instructor that the fact that I’d passed didn’t mean I was ready.  I was still thinking I needed lessons.  But months later, when I bought my first car, I drove off in it without a second thought, my only concern being if I could figure out the route from Wimbledon to Streatham without getting lost.

People that fail their driving tests often the victim of driving test nerves.  All the driving skills and rules are in their mind somewhere, but the failure arises dues to nerves and anxiety  instead.

If you know someone that is an eternal optimist, whose record of driving test failures is becoming almost the stuff of legends, why not suggest that they see a hypnotherapist.  A hypnotherapist can give them a calm anchor and also install a true belief system for success.  And this can be achieved in one or two sessions, one session in most cases.

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