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May 15, 2017
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What is Tinnitus?

The word tinnitus originates from the Latin word meaning to tinkle or ring like a bell. Tinnitus describes any sort of auditory disturbance in the ears.  This can range from hissing; musical tones, pulsating throbbing like a dull beat, or buzzing, and can be mildly annoying to completely obstructive  There is no immediately identifiable external cause (unless it’s been identified in a person who’s subjected their ears to high volume sounds like at a concert or through the persistent use of head-phones on high volume.


What Are The Possible Causes Of Tinnitus?

If you’ve had tinnitus for a substantial period of time, then it may be time to think outside the box.   First by ruling out a few possibly causes.  But first you need to rule out the basics like ear wax, an ear infection, or abnormal bony growth, as well as a condition known as Ménière’s disease, a disorder of the inner ear that includes a tinnitus-like ringing in the ears amongst it’s symptoms.

Tinnitus Is More Common Than You Realise

In the UK, as many as 1 in 10 people have tinnitus.  Start up a discussion on tinnitus and you’ll be amazed at people you may have known all your life that pipe up and say, “I’ve got tinnitus,”.  Most people with tinnitus have coping mechanisms for filing it away into the back-ground so they can get on with things.  Like Philip Schofield, presenter on the This Morning Show, who has what he describes as a mild form of tinnitus.  But the majority of tinnitus sufferers aren’t so lucky.

Is There A Cure For Tinnitus?

For a lot of people, tinnitus can be temporary.  I can think back over the last 15 years to two or three startling out of nowhere sounds in my ear that I knew I wasn’t imagining, that were gone as quickly as they started. Less than a minute, but I’d shake my head in relief that I haven’t had to endure that for an hour.  Or a day.  Or a month.  Or several decades.  Medically, there is no cure.  At best, tinnitus sufferers are taught to cope with it.  But hypnotherapy has proven very effective in helping people living with tinnitus.

Hypnotherapy For Tinnitus – A Case Study

I recall the first client with whom I worked to treat her tinnitus using hypnotherapy.

The tinnitus bothered her because it was affecting her sleep and causing insomnia.  She had chronic insomnia as a result of the ringing.

We worked through her emotions and the subject of a past relationship came up as a memory.  Out of the blue, a seemingly perfect partner had announced that he wanted to end the relationship after many stable years together.

Stunned, she asked him to repeat what he’d just said, then tried to reason with him over the next half an hour.  She could literally hear his voice as he uttered the heart-breaking phrase:  “Look, let’s just put the whole thing to bed!”

That’s an innocent enough use of a metaphor that many of us have used.

But her unconscious mind appears to have taken things literally.  She couldn’t believe how casually he was referring to a love so beautiful.  The buzzing started that same night and had continued ever since, particularly worse at bed time …

What Can You Do About Your Tinnitus?

When I get to this point with a client of recognising the most likely root cause event of a current problem like Tinnitus, then it’s time for us to seek a solution.  Hypnotherapy has been known to work wonders with tinnitus, especially when there’s been a reason for the unconscious to create the distraction.

There are lots of treatments that are worth trying if you have tinnitus, not just hypnotherapy for tinnitus or Havening for tinnitus.  If stress is at the root of your Tinnitus, then any stress management method will make a difference.

Tinnitus Support Groups For Those That Live With Tinnitus

But if you’ve tried them all and considered all treatable underlying causes you can also contact support groups that recognise the psychological and socially impact of tinnitus which can literally drive a sufferer mad, with anxiety, depression.  The insomnia can impact the metabolism and cause the sufferer to gain a bit more weight than usual.

Such a support group is the Action For Hearing Loss have a Tinnitus Subsection and has information on available trials for Tinnitus treatment.

Book A Session To Treat Your Tinnitus Naturally

If you don’t want to be part of a medical trial, how about a tried and tested therapy for tinnitus:  Hypnosis?    Just because you’ve grown used to the debilitating effects of Tinnitus and how it can reduce the quality of ones life doesn’t mean you should be condemned to live with it!  It’s time to contact me if you’d like to find out more.

How I Can Work With You For Hypnosis For Tinnitus?

My hypnotherapy for tinnitus practice is in Streatham Hill, South London.  But the truth is that you can live any where in the world and you can still see me for hypnosis to treat tinnitus.  I can work with you via Skype if travel to Streatham is impractical.  From the comfort of a location of your choice, an internet connection and Skype software, we can work as effectively as if we were in the same room to seek therapy for your tinnitus.

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