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May 15, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Did you know there is a lung test that can tell smokers how smoking has aged their lungs and made them prone to chronic lung diseases?  I’ll be offering smokers free lung age tests at my latest Pop-up shop at Streatham Barclays Bank this Wednesday, March 11, which happens to be No Smoking Day and is being marked throughout the United Kingdom.

The lung test, administered with a hand held device and sterile mouth-pieces, is a simple to read procedure that will give participants a stark snap-shot of how their lung age compares with their biological age.  Lung function naturally decreases as we age but deteriorates faster in smokers.

A lung age test measures forced expiratory volume (FEV), which tells how much air you can blow out of your lungs over a one-second or six-second period. It’s quick, easy, and a wake-up call for smokers.  People with lower test scores (older lungs) have an increased risk of developing chronic lung problems like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

A study by the Journal of Family Practice found that informing smokers of their lung age motivates more of them to quit smoking.  A Lung Age Test is easily understood and jargon free.  It’s very hard to argue with the evidence before your eyes if you’re supposed to be 30 but have the lung capacity of a 70 year old!

Visitors my Hypnotherapy Results Pop-up shop at Barclays Bank will also get to experience what it’s like to struggle for breath – a classic symptom of COPD.  There will also be models of human organs and blood vessels showing how smoking affects blood flow, as well as copies of my free Stop Smoking Guide.

And if you can’t make it into Barclays during the working day on March 11, I’m extending the offer of a Free Lung Test until March 31.  Participants have the option to return a year later for another lung test, to compare their lung age function in the interim. Lung function improves by 10% within 3 to 9 months of smoking cessation.  Participants may decide to share the results of their lung age with their GPs as the results might help identify chronic breathing problems that can be controlled with the right medication early enough.

100,000 people die in the UK from smoking related conditions each year.  That’s a sobering thought!

You can stop smoking easily, even if you’ve tried and failed before in the past.   And it can be done in just one session.

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