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Cured of A Fear of Dentists

After 25 years of avoiding the dentists because of her dental phobia, two cracked teeth, tooth decay, and an abscess meant Catherine had to confront her worst fear.  With 4 days to go until her surgery, due to be done under full anaesthetic due to her extreme anxiety.  she was freaking out about the double tooth extraction.  She posted her anguish on her Facebook page as the seconds ticked by.

She posted:  “Trying to keep myself distracted (breathing, music, brushing Atticat, more breathing) but basically feeling like I’m on the edge of a major panic attack every time I think about Friday.  Currently can’t stop shaking.  Can someone turn off this phobia please, please, please.”

At this point, she was given my details as a hypnotherapist that helps to cure phobias.  The video below is her account of how it feels to be phobia free when it comes to a fear of dentists.

The day after she wrote:  I just had the hospital ring to confirm the dental surgery appointment and I found myself smiling!!! Last time I spoke with them,  I shook and cried!!! Amazing!
I was teaching hubby to Haven me and found it so comforting.

If I think about Friday I self-haven and say calm or control and it stills the negative reaction. I genuinely think this has changed me. What a wonderful gift you have to help others!!

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